Morning yoga classes are offered Monday thru Friday at Playa Ocotal’s Bulldog Gym. This gym is a five minute walk from Los Almendros de Ocotal. For more information, contact the Los Almendros office.

31Deep Sea Sport Fishing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The Gulf of Papagayo provides some of Costa Rica’s best year round sport fishing action for over 25 varieties of game fish. The best sail fishing is from April through September. Marlin, the most coveted catch in Costa Rica, are caught year round. Billfish are Guanacaste’s biggest attraction. Fishermen also hook plenty of other feisty fighters, such as wahoo and roosterfish.

Deep sea sport fishing tours depart daily from Playa Ocotal. Boats depart from a beach area approximately 200 yards from the entrance to Los Almendros de Ocotal. Guests staying at Los Almendros have a 2-3 minute walk from their condominium or villa to the launch site.

Drive time from Los Almendros de Ocotal: None

38Guanacaste Scuba Diving

There are many outstanding dive sites along the Guanacaste coastline. Guanacaste divers enjoy underwater life that is richly diverse in color, species and volcanic rock formations. Marine life unique to this region abounds – divers will see massive schools of fish, rays, jacks, whale sharks, giant mantas, sea turtles, white tip sharks, dolphins, and more. Available diving trips include night dives and dives off the famous Catalina and Bat Islands. Scuba diving tours depart daily from Playa Ocotal.

Guanacaste’s Best Dive Shop: Rocket Frog Diver’s is Playas del Coco’s and Playa Ocotal’s #1 rated dive shop. Rocket Frog Diver’s operates out of Los Almendros de Ocotal. Guests staying at Los Almendros have only a 2-3 minute walk from their condominium to Rocket Frog’s on-site business office and scuba equipent storage area. Rocket Frog’s diving tours depart from a landing area approximately 200 yards from Los Almendros. No dive shop in Ocotal or Playas del Coco has a more beautiful or convenient location than Rocket Frog Diver’s. At the end of a strenuous day, diver’s walk next door to Father Rooster’s restaurant to watch beautiful Costa Rican sunsets while enjoying a few tropical drinks and an excellent meal. Divers staying at Los Almendros are entitled to a 10% discount on all Rocket Frog scuba diving and snorkeling tours.

Rocket Frog Divers is the best equipped dive shop in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. The company operates a 36 foot Apex Rib Boat, specifically designed for scuba Diving. The boat is licensed to carry 32 persons (20 divers) and is capable of speeds of up to 45 knots. The boat is rigged to carry 20 Divers in comfort and can make the trip to the BAT’s or CAT’s in less than half the time of most dive boats in the area. The boat is equipped with 2 fresh water wash down points and 2 ladders to get in and out of the water.

If you are diving you will be rolling in and using the ladder to get back on the boat. The boat has a state of the art first aid kit and oxygen to handle emergency  medical concerns. The Pacific Express also is equipped with Radar and GPS navigation with satellite weather.

The boat is powered by twin 300 horsepower Yamaha outboards. The on board marine stereo system is iPod compatible. Listen to your favorite tunes while traveling to and from the dive site and during your surface intervals.

Rocket Frog Diver’s is a PADI dive shop and an authorized XSxcuba dealer. If you would like to Discover Scuba Diving or become a Dive Master, Rocket Frog has a program and a qualified instructor to meet any of your certification needs. Rental equipment is maintained to the highest standards. Rocket Frog’s clients can relax and enjoy their dives knowing that their comfort and safety is Rocket Frog’s #1 priority .

Rocket Frog Diver’s:

* Newest and most advanced Dive shop in Guanacaste.

* 36′ Apex Rib Boat is Guanacaste’s fastest dive boat.

* Dive Master’s have over 10+ years experience diving in Guanacaste waters.

* Trained and equipped to handle all emergenies.

* Dive services discounted 10% for guests of Los Almendros de Ocotal.

02Family Fishing in Costa Rica

Family fishing in Costa Rica is very affordable. A family of four can fish shallow waters near Playa Ocotal for $250-$300. Targeted species will include red snapper, grouper and other “table” fish. Boats are equipped with fish finders and usually have a small bathroom on board. In four hours, it is not unusual for a family to catch 20-30 red snapper. Los Almendros guests often keep the largest fish and barbecue them in the Los Almendros picnic area!!!

Drive time from Los Almendros de Ocotal: None


Snorkeling from Playa Ocotal Beach

Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama, Playas del Coco and Playa Ocotal are beautiful beaches that offer excellent swimming. Of this group of Guanacaste beaches, Playa Ocotal offers the best snorkeling. Several travel guide books recommend Playa Ocotal for snorkeling. Rock formations directly below Los Almendros de Ocotal attract and protect a variety of colorful aquatic life. These rock formations are easily accessed from the beach. The rock formations, coupled with Playa Ocotal’s gentle surf, make this beach a favorite for families who want to enjoy the Guanacaste Gold Coast in northwest Costa Rica.

Playa Ocotal has no dangerous rip tides.

Rocket Frog Divers rents snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling gear can also be rented on Ocotal Beach.  A few owners provide their guests free snorkeling equipment.

Snorkeling tours:  Snorkeling tours depart daily from nearby Playas del Coco. The sunset cruise is especially popular. The Los Almendros office staff can provide information about Guanacaste’s best snorkeling tours.

Drive time from Los Almendros de Ocotal: None

01Paddle Boarding: Playa Ocotal

Paddle boards can be rented from Rocket Frog’s on-site dive shop. Playa Ocotal’s gentle surf provides ideal conditions for paddle board enthusiasts.

Drive time from Los Almendros de Ocotal: None