35Kite Surfing

The best wind conditions in Costa Rica for kite surfing are found in Bahia Salinas. Bahia Salinas is located in northern Guanacaste, about 1 hour north of Liberia. Playa Papaturro and Playa Copal provide kite surfers a half mile of reef with complete flat water.

Safe location. There are no boats in the kite surfing area.
Maximum 20 kiters in the water at the same time.
“Side on Shore” winds are friendly and safe for kite surfers.
Bahia Salinas is one of the best kite surfing locations in the world based on the number of days per year that winds are strong enough to kite surf.

LeatherbackLeatherback Turtle Watching

Witness a miracle of nature.   By sunset or under the moon and stars, watch the nesting process of the Olive Ridgely Turtles and the Leather Back Turtles (Baulas) respectively.  Sea turtles venture to shore nightly to lay their eggs.   Traditionally each turtle lays between 100-120 ping pong size eggs.  A certified, local, guide will lead you to the nesting turtles, explain the nesting process and discuss what is being done to protect the dwindling turtle population.